The music of Desecration was considered death metal. The songs were brutal and aggressive with lyrics of death & destruction. As the band progressed, the style was more thrash with still many hardcore elements provided by Yost.


                                              The Songs

                                                Here you can find a

                                                selection of the songs

                                                Desecration recorded

                                                or performed:


Death's Revenge


Dismembered Bodies

The Maniac

The Summoning

Burned at the Stake

Cowboys in Bondage

Kill Them Pigs

Lady of the Night (Rare Track)

Fall of Christ

Hail to Death

The Electric Chair

Ode to Christmas

Dark Streets


It's a Shame

Just a Dream

Alcoholic: Too Many Kelldes (Rare Track)

Fighting Back (Rare Track)

The Money Will Roll Right In (Fang Cover)

Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)

Passenger on the Meal (GBH Cover)

Piranha (Exodus Cover)

Black Magic (Slayer Cover)