The roots of Desecration started in late 1984 when fellow Possessed roadies, Bob Yost and Dan Boland decided to form a band. Dan recently played in Blizzard with Jeff Beccerra and Larry Lalonde who went on to Possessed. Both toured with Possessed on their tour with Slayer and one-off show with Venom in San Francisco. Yost & Boland enjoyed the excitment of a touring band and wanted this for themselves. They started rehearsals with Dave Roof on drums, Yost on bass and Boland on guitar. They covered Slayer's Black Magic and one original song. Due to personal reasons, Roof left the band. 1985 saw Yost taking over vocal duties, Ray Sebastion on lead guitar and Joel Wing on bass. A permanet drummer was not found in time for their 1st demo. Mike Sus, drummer of Possessed rehearsed with the band for one month and went in the studio to record the classic first demo. 3 tracks of mayhem was recorded. Psycho, Death's Revenge and Halloween was the 1st demo. The band started performing shows reguarly. In early 1986, Bob Yost broke the band up, and soon reformed it with a complete new line up. The new line up included Marty Rahala (Guitar), Brandon Caylor (Guitar), Neil Secretaio (Bass) & Chris Fetters (Drums). The band broke up in 1987 with a final few shows with Chris Refiert (Death, Autopsy) on drums.